Monday, November 24, 2008

Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

From dNeero-ites about Christmas

We're a couple of months away from that yearly celebration. Guess we could all use that right now.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

Right for the times? "A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at reasonable rates, and providing other financial services to its members." (Wikipedia)

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Tell Me Something I Don't Know

On The Chris Matthews Show, November 16th Chris Matthews leads with: "`It's not my job.' We've got a financial Katrina on our hands. Recession and layoffs are pouring through the floodgates, and nobody's in charge. Bush looks retired, Barack Obama's not president. So who's protecting us?
"Mandate for change? When Reagan and Bush won, they charged ahead with a conservative vision. Will Obama do what Reagan and Bush did, do it big and bold no matter how tough the times? The Democrats are in the driver's seat. Shouldn't they drive?"
The panelists:
-- Michele Norris hosts "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio.
-- Howard Fineman is senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek.
-- Erin Burnett anchors"Squawk on the Street" and "Street Signs" on CNBC.
-- Michael Duffy's assistant managing editor of Time magazine.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A more sporty, casual approach to clothing is permeating our lives ... remember when athletic shoes, were for, well, athletics? ... did you ever wear Chick Taylor's outside of the gym ... then came the sports shoe craze ... is high-performance fitness/sports clothing going to follow? Seems to be making some in roads.

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Friday, June 6, 2008


I have not blogged for weeks and I really feel sad about it. I have not even checked my mails and offline messages. I've been eager to do all of these but I have been so pre-occupied with other things. Coping with all the new responsibilities as the head of the family is not easy. Work, too has been both very serious and boring these past days. I really miss the whole internet...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MySpace Hoax

How would you feel if somebody tells you that the world would be a better place without you? Would you get upset? Would you get mad at the person? Or would you kill yourself to satisfy him or her?

Last Friday, I got the chance to watch TV alone and had full control of the remote.. (harhar).. I was changing and browsing channels when something caught my attention. It was CNN's report about a young girl who committed suicide over an online hoax. Is this not interesting? I focused and listened very well to the news because I thought it was.

The story is about Megan Meiers, a thirteen-year-old girl who suffered depression and attention deficit. Megan thought that she made a new friend in cyberspace when Josh Evans who claimed to be sixteen-year-old contacted her on MySpace. "Josh" told her he thinks Megan is attractive and so they began exchanging messages online. Their online friendship lasted over a month and Megan's family started to notice that she was becoming more cheerful and described her as having had her "spirits lifted".

After over a month of exchanging messages, Josh abruptly ended their friendship telling Megan he heard that she was cruel, saying "I don't think I want to be friends with you because I heard that you are not very nice to your friends." Josh also sent Megan other troubling messages, shared Megan's messages to others and posted bulletins about her.

Megan got so depressed about this (who wouldn't?) and told her mom about the hurtful messages Josh sent her and went upstairs to her messages afterwards. She was found twenty minutes later, hanging by the neck in a closet. Despite attempts to revive her, she was pronounced dead the following day.

Megan's family later learned that Josh never actually existed. The last message Josh sent Megan? "The world would be a better place without you."

It really is a sad story. What's sadder is, the person behind the MySpace account, behind the Josh Evans identity is a mom who just laughed about it and told reporters that the whole hoax was a "joke"..

Salary Woes

It really is frustrating when you do your work very well and you dont get paid right for it. You always come an hour earlier than your scheduled shift to make sure you are able to check documents and new processess for review. You are never absent at work. You try to file Leave of Absense a month before it. You follow company policies and prcedures strictly. These are never appreciated yet I don't say anything about it because this is how dedicated I am with work but to not get paid correctly??! And for this to happen not just once and when you need the money the most??! This is too much! Just too much!

I don't expect the company, or the management, or the bosses to appreciate what I do. I don't expect any compliments or rewards from all my efforts because I know that this is my job and this in necessary. What I only ask is for me to receive the salary pay that I deserve, that I signed for, that I worked for.

I felt so upset early this morning when I arrived in the office. I received an email about employees' salary disputes being processed (updates). I was expecting to see my name on the list of those who filed disputes but to my dismay, my name was not in it. It really feels bad because I need the money for my brother's college tuition fee. Now I would have to find other ways to have money for this enrollment.

Another test from God...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Iron Man -- At Last!

We watched the movie Iron Man last Friday.. I know it has been weeks since it was first shown on theaters but last Friday was the only day I had the chance to watch it. Now I know why movie-lovers, even critics, loved it.. It was really a good movie.. It was worth the price, the time and the wait.. LOL.. The technology and effects they used were really marvelous... So much we loved it that we finished the credits.. I can't wait for the sequel now.. haha

Blog No More??!!

I know, I know.. I have not blogged for days.. I have not been writing things with sense.. or things that might update you on how I am doing now...There are two reasons behind this. The first, and most impotant is, they have blocked in the office where I blog most of the time (I usually do it during lunch and break times). The IT dept also blocked many blogging-related sites that I always visit and this pisses not only me but other bloggers in the office.. Grrrr.. We can't really blame them, though. They're just doing their jobs. The second reason is I always go home to Pampanga on my days off. We don't have internet access at home since we dont really need it there and I dont go to internet cafes that much when I'm there because I want to spend my time with the family.

Those two are the major reasons why I have not been blogging, visiting sites, and dropping entrecards.. The minor reasons are proxies where also blocked and our access to other computer programs were also restricted.. This is really sad.. My officemates are not happy about this, too. They joke and say that one of these days, we might just all be resigning because we simply are bored.. Because there are no more movies to watch.. No more online streaming.. No more online games.. No more blogging.. No more network societies..No more internet access.. LOL

I will still be blogging, though.. I'm sure my techi officemates will still come up with work-arounds, as always (harhar)... And I, too, will find one.. LOL... :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lakbayan Meme

I got tagged by Big-Eyed Gal

My Lakbayan grade is F!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

LOL! My Lakbayan grade is F? What the !!?? haha.. Well, there's realy nothing to wonder about that. As much as I want to, I really can't and don't travel a lot.. This test simply tells me that I need to get to know and visit more places in my home country.. Haayyy.. I hope i get the chance to..soon.. :)

Show me how much of the Philippines have you travelled? Add your links here:

1) mind bubbles, 2) may, 3) VANITY KIT, 4) SOMETHING PURPLE, 5.) A DETOUR, 6) Big Eyed Gal, 7) The Chronic Shopper 8) My Inner Thoughts Revealed 9.) Your link here

I wanna know how much you travel Louraine and KCee

How Are You Feeling Today?

Thanks Marie for tagging me with this :


1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

*1. Excited!
>>>>>>> I'm going home to the province later for my two-days off! YEY!!
*2. Happy!
>>>>>>> Because I will be able to spend my two days with my family..
*3. Sleepy
>>>>>>> I woke up at 1 am to prepare for my 5 am shift.. *yawn*
*4. Bored
>>>>>>> I'm not enjoying my work today..
*5. Neat
>>>>>>> I'm in my semi formal outfit.. not in the usual jeans and t-shirt.. LOL
*6. Hungry
>>>>>>> 'Haven't eaten lunch yet..

Links: Creative In Me Little Peanut Me and Mine Pea in a Pod Sugar Magnolias A Slice of Life Simply Jen Jenny Said So This and That We are Family Mommastuff MoMieSpace Being a wife & mom ChatnChill moms..... check nyo A Simple Life Mommy's Little Corner My Life's Rollercoaster Ride My Inner Thoughts Revealed

I'm tagging Eda , Inaj , Jhong, and Mommy Ruby

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was reading the newspaper earlier when this particular article caught my eyes:


Yes, you read it right, happiliest NOT happiest. What's 'happiliest'?, I asked myself. I really got intrigued so I opened the entertainment section and read through the rest of the article.It was about the interview with Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz's leading man in the film "What happens in Vegas".
Ashton tells the press how happy he is as a married man. He said he never really thought he would ever get married. He further said that he saw his parents go throught divorce and thought, "this is not something that anybody shoud do. Why put a legal document on top of a
good relationship?".

The article also said that when Ashton started going out with Demi Moore in 2003, Holywood watchers believed that their relationship will not last long because of their 15 years age gap. But to the surprise of all, they got married in 2005, by all accounts, happy with each other.

What was really touching about the interview was the part when Ashton said,

"I knew she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I am the HAPPILIEST--I think I just invented that word--married guy on the planet."

Isn't that sweet? Knowing that your partner feels that way seems very romantic.. And to hear him say that on national television and see it printed on international newspapers and mags? It's like him letting the whole world know that you are a dream come true to him, that because of you, he will be happy the rest of his life...

Ashton said that he got his ideas about marriage from Rabbi Yehuda Berg in Babblah Centre in Los Angeles where he and Demi and other holywood celebrities are studying.

While men treats sex as an apex of a relationship and women are focused on marriage, "everybody is missing what happens afters that," he said.

"It's like if you got hired at a new job and you shwed up and didn't wok, you'd probably get fired pretty quickly," Ashton said. "Once they get married, people think , 'all right, the work is done', when really, you just got the job..." -- a very good point, right?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Which Emoticon Are You?

I got this from Tickle!

Raine, the emoticon that represents you best is the Smiling Face

What's up, smiley? Somehow you just always seem to find a way to turn that frown upside down. Your upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor brighten up any room, including your favorite chat room.

Like your classic emoticon counterpart, you're a staple on anyone's list. Boring days and sleepless nights are far more bearable when you're online to chat. Whether you're shooting the breeze, catching up, or giving out advice, you can cheer up anyone on the other side of the conversation. So keep lightening the mood, making new friends, and bringing smiles to other folks' faces. After all, it's just so natural for you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I recently joined Pexlink Triple Love Project created by Mommy Ruby because I wanted to widen my range of connection and influence (LOL).. Well, actually, that is one of its aim. I've copied the requirements and goals of Pexlink for all those who may want to participate.

You need to have the following:

1. EntreCard Account
2. Technorati Account
3. RSS Readers Account (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.)

This project aims to achieve the following.

1. To have a lot of technorati fans.
2. To have a lot of RSS subscribers. (if we can't visit all blogs, we can always check what's new in just one click if you use a rss reader)
3. To have regular EntreCard droppers.
4. To get your blog exposed to others (you might have great content – all it needs is a little push to be seen by the world).
5. To have more friends in the blogosphere!!!

So, what should a participant do?

1. Write a post about this project and how this project can show love to fellow bloggers.
2. After that, leave a comment here with your post permalink, technorati fave link, rss/feeds link, your blog’s name and link, EntreCard user details and email (for updates please). You can optionally grab the banner if you want.
3. Then of course, please don’t forget to do the following:

  • Fave 300 participants of this projects (more if you want)
  • Add the blogrolling script at your post (to the post about this contest)
  • Subscribe to their RSS/Feeds using bloglines – highly recommended (or any reader or email subscription if you want).
That would be it... Simple right? And oh, by the way, Mommy Ruby is also going to be giving away 50 EC credits to the first 150 participants of this project! Ain't that cool? That's 50 EC credits you can use to advertise your blog.. So guys, what are you waiting for? Come on and join now here! ;)

For My Mom

Today I would like to pay tribute to my bestfriend and my number one fan, to the most special woman in my life, my mom. I know she won't be able to read this because she's not into the"internet world" but I would still want to allot a space in here for her..

Ever Dearest Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day! :)

Thank you for the all the love and care you have unselfishly and unconditionally gave us.
Thank you for the time and patience you dedicated to us.
Thank you for the support and words of wisdom you have given and shared to me.
Thank you for all the life's lessons you have shared and patiently taught me.
Thank you for the crying shoulders and encouragements you have given me whenever I needed one.
Thank you for the warm hugs and kisses, too...

I could never thank you enough for all of these and for all the other things you have given up for our happiness. I hope by posting this and thanking you here, I will be able to express my deep gratitude and love for you. I regret that I will not be able to spend this special day with you because time and distance won't permit it, but I promise to make it up to you.Ma, I want you to know that I am very grateful that you are my mom and that you raised me up the way God has intended and I myself is proud of that and I'd like you to feel that same way.There are so many things I would like to tell you but I wouldn't want to bore you and my readers here (LOL). MOM, I will never ever forget all of these for as long as I live.. Thank you and I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Got Tagged Again.. :)

I was tagged again.. This time by Rozella.. :)

**Begin Copy**

This is the easy way and the fastest way to :

1. Make your Authority Technorati explode.
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Makes more new friends.

Rules :

1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog(for bloggers paste on the “compose” not the “edit html” part in posting blogs so it will be linked automatically).
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can, the more the better!

1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.
4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space
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29. Life is too short to be ordinary
30. Asian Mutt International
31. My Inner Thoughts Revealed


I'm tagging : Big Eyed Gal, CC, Mary Lyka, Princess, and Vien


Im sick. I hate it. And I hate it more because it's flu. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I sneeze all the time, I feel feverish, my eyes are drowsy and I've got a running nose.. Oh! I just hate it!

Ever since I was a kid. I have always hated being sick. I have asthma and eveytime it attacks me, they always had to bring me to the hospital. They would give me medicines and inhalers. Doctors would tell my mom not to feed me with these foods, not to let me do these and that, not to let me go here and there.. Arrgg! It just felt all insane as a kid.. How was I suppose to enjoy my childhood? How was I suppose to feel about it?

Later on, I understood that it was all for me, too. It was for my own health. If getting sick did something good to me, that's taking good care of myself. I hate being sick. I hate being a prisoner of your own body, not being able to do the things that you want to do.

Now that I'm working and have greater responsibilities in life, I hate getting sick even more. Loosing a day at work means loosing a day's income, and that I can't afford.

Good thing is, it's my off. I have two days more to get well... Haaayys... I hope I get better by Sunday..

Thursday, May 8, 2008


*** A friend emailed this to me..
TRUST is a very important factor for all relationships. When trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. Lack of trust leads to suspicion, suspicion generates anger, anger causes enmity and enmity may result in separation.

A female telephone operator received a phone call one day. She answered, "Public Utilities Board." There was silence. She repeated, "PUB." There was still no answer. When she was going to cut off the line, she heard a lady's voice, "Oh, so this is PUB.Sorry, I got the number from my husband's pocket but I do not know whose number it is."

Without mutual trust, just imagine what will happen to the couple if the telephone operator answered with just "hello" instead of "PUB".


A man asked his father-in-law, "Many people praised you for a successful marriage. Could you please share with me your secret?"

The father-in-law answered in a smile, "Never criticize your wife for her shortcomings or when she does something wrong. Always bear in mind that because of her shortcomings and weaknesses, she could not find a better husband than you."

We all look forward to being loved and respected. Many people are afraid of losing face. Generally, when a person makes a mistake, he would look around to find a scapegoat to point the finger at. This is the start of a war. We should always remember that when we point one finger at a person, the other four fingers are pointing at ourselves.
If we forgive the others, others will ignore our mistake too.


A person visited the government matchmaker for marriage, SDU, and requested "I am looking for a spouse. Please help me to find a suitable one." The SDU officer said, "Your requirements, please." "Oh, good looking, polite, humorous , sporty, knowledgeable, good in singing and dancing. Willing to accompany me the whole day at home during my leisure hour, if I don't go out. Telling me interesting stories when I need companion for conversation and be silent when I want to rest." The officer listened carefully and replied, "I understand you need television."
There is a saying that a perfect match can only be found between a blind wife and a deaf husband ,because the blind wife cannot see the faults of the husband and the deaf husband cannot hear the nagging of the wife. Many couples are blind and deaf at the courting stage and dream of perpetual perfect relationship. Unfortunately, when the excitement of love wears off, they wake up and discover that marriage is not a bed of roses. The nightmare begins.


Many relationships fail because one party tries to overpower another,or demands too much. People in love tend to think that love will conquer all and their spouses will change the bad habits after marriage. Actually, this is not the case. There is a Chinese saying which carries the meaning that "It is easier to reshape a mountain or a river than a person's character."
It is not easy to change. Thus, having high expectation on changing the spouse character will cause disappointment and unpleasantness.

It would be less painful to change ourselves and lower our expectations..


There is a Chinese saying which carries the meaning that "A speech will either prosper or ruin a nation." Many relationships break off because of wrong speech. When a couple is too close with each other,we always forget mutual respect and courtesy. We may say anything without considering if it would hurt the other party.
A friend and her millionaire husband visited their construction site. A worker who wore a helmet saw her and shouted,"Hi, Emily! Remember me? We used to date in the secondary school." On the way home, her millionaire husband teased her, "Luckily you married me.Otherwise you will be the wife of a construction worker." She answered ,"You should appreciate that you married me. Otherwise, he will be the millionaire and not you."

Frequently exchanging these remarks plants the seed for a bad relationship. It's like a broken egg - cannot be reversed.


Different people have different perception. One man's meat could be another man's poison. A couple bought a donkey from the market. On the way home,a boy commented, "Very stupid. Why neither of them ride on the donkey?"Upon hearing that, the husband let the wife ride on the donkey. He walked besides them. Later, an old man saw it and commented, "The husband is the head of family. How can the wife ride on the donkey while the husband is on foot?" Hearing this, the wife quickly got down and let the husband ride on the donkey.
Further on the way home, they met an old Lady. She commented, "How can the man ride on the donkey but let the wife walk. He is no gentleman." The husband thus quickly asked the wife to join him on the donkey. Then, they met a young man. He commented, "Poor donkey, how can you hold up the weight of two persons. They are cruel to you." Hearing that, the husband and wife immediately climbed down from the donkey and carried it on their shoulders.
It seems to be the only choice left. Later, on a narrow bridge, the donkey was frightened and struggled. They lost their balance and fell into the river. You can never have everyone praise you, nor will everyone condemn you. Never in the past, not at present, and never will be in the future. Thus, do not be too bothered by others words if our conscience is clear..


This is a true story which happened in the States. A man came out of his home to admire his new truck. To his puzzlement, his three-year-old son was happily hammering dents into the shiny paint of the truck. The man ran to his son, knocked him away, hammered the little boy's hands into pulp as punishment. When the father calmed down, he rushed his son to the hospital.
Although the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hands. When the boy woke up from the surgery & saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, " Daddy,I'm sorry about your truck." Then he asked, "but when are my fingers going to grow back?" The father went home & committed suicide.

Think about this story the next time someone steps on your feet or u wish to take revenge. Think first before u lose your patience with someone u love. Trucks can be repaired.. Broken bones & hurt feelings often can't. Too often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance. We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge.

People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever.

*** Just somethings to think about... :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

20 Questions Tag

Thanks to Jojo for tagging me with this..

Here are the Rules for this tag :

Remove one (1) question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag eight (8) people in your list. List them out at the end of this post.

1. At what age do/did you wish to marry?

... hmmm... Around 25 or 27..

2. Have you ever shoplifted?

... never... and will never do...

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?

... just one... One round trip around the world... harhar (nothing in particular now..)

4. Which part of you do you hate the most?

... in what terms?

5. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?

... i've written an entry about that here.. : i cry, i pray, and i write..

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?

... My faith in God and my family

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

... i'll save, invest, shop, and tour.. hehehe

8. What do you love the most about last year (2007)?

... I met someone special.. :)

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you:

... Nice. Thoughtful. Friendly (thanks for the concerns and comments ate Jojo ^-^ )

10. How do you cope with boredom?

... most of the time, i sleep.. harhar.. if not, i watch movies, surf the net, chat and write stuffs.

11. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?

... can't think of any at the moment.. i guess, i dont have regrets about my life after all.. ;)

12. What type of person do you hate the most?

... plastic!

13. What is your ambition?

... can i say, get rich? harhar..have a happy, simple and contented family life one day.. ;)

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

... world peace! (boring? hahaha) ok, i think, happiness for everyone.. and for myself, too. :)

15. How did you celebrate New Year?

... with a bang!!! unfortunately, it did not last long. i had to go to work. (huhuhu..)

16. What has been the craziest thing you've ever done in your whole life?

... falling in love... ain't it crazy? a lot of people thinks so.. (lolz)

17. What do you look forward to in 2008?

... it's the middle of the year now.. hmmm.. how about a month-long vacation (in my dreams! lolz)

18. If your life is a song, what title best fits it?

... i'm not sure there is a song... let's say, I will survive...? :b

19. What is your inspiration in life?

... My family and knowing God created me for a good purpose.. :)

20. Which world would you want to live in - Love without Money or Money without Love?

... this is hard..both money and love makes things alot complicated and life hard to deal with.. harhar.. but i'd say, Love without Money.. ;)

Who got tagged: Dana, Elliot, Genny, Jherson, KCee, Mars, Tanya, and Wendy

Extra Cash

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Terrifying Early Morning!

I really got terrified early this morning on the bus on my way to work. I was seated on the middle part of the bus, near the door. I was wondering why passengers from the back were moving to the front seats. They were whispering to each other but since it was not like me to eavesdrop, I just shrugged and did not mind it. A minute later, a man sat beside me. I looked at him and saw him glance back to where he was originally seated, that is, at the back side of the bus. I then heard him say to another man, "That guy behind me, the one in gray shirt, he's carrying a knife." I got nervous upon hearing that. Just imagine what that guy could do. "Is he alone?Does he have companions?What is he going to be up to?", I asked myself. I wanted to glance into the man's direction so I can take a good at him but I was afraid he might see me...I calmed myself and whispered a short prayer. All of a sudden, the man wearing a gray shirt started to shout. All of the passengers looked back and we all saw him. He was cursing while playing with a knife in his hand. It was terrifying! The conductor tried to calm the guy down and he did..Or so we think...

Some of the other passengers started to move closer to the door, Some even got off the bus in terror. We were all silent for a few minutes when the man started to shout and curse again. When the bus stopped again on the loading and unloading area, I quickly got off the bus and decided to walk the rest of the way to the place where the company shuttle will pick up us. Whoa! What a horrifying way to start the day!

A Beautiful Rose Award

Gles gave me this beautiful rose.. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.. :)

A rose is a flowering shrub of the genus rosa. It is an ideal gift for someone dear to us like friends, partners in lives and evev parents. It’s the classic expression of love because a rose flower pours forth your innermost feelings to your beloved in the most beautiful way. So give a rose to your loved ones and friends and make anyone’s heart bloom with joy!
I'm sharing this Rose with Annz, Bhavani , Byotipol , and Jhong,

Monday, May 5, 2008

What Language Should You Learn?

Got this from Wena .. Thanks!

You Should Learn Chinese

Surprised? You shouldn't be - Chinese is perfect for an ambitious person like you.You're a natural entrepreneur, and a billion people are waiting to do business with you!

I'm passing this to Jhong and Bless

My Japanese Name

I got this one from Marichu ..

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.


A-ka G-ji M-rin S-ari Y-fu
B-tu H-ri N-to T-chi Z-zi
C-mi I-ki O-mo U-do
D-te J-zu P-no V-ru
E-ku K-me Q-ke W-mei
F-lu L-ta R-shi X-na

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like american and states har....har...har...)

2. JUNELLE - zudotokutataku (Thank God I’m a Filipino! sounds like sadako. nyay! hehehe)

3. JACQUELINE - zukamikedokutakitoku (Ayay!! Unsaman ni perti mang taasa..wa ko kasabot nyahahaha)

4. LERMA - takushirinka ( I’ll use this name if I’m in Japan!)

5. ELLAINE- Kutatakakitoku (Hala! Nagkalisod ko ug litok ani! Naunsa!)

6. MARICHU- Rinkashikimirido (Na unswa nah! Doremifasolatido!)

7 RAINE - Shikakitoku ( Mine is simpler and easier to pronounce.. cute! ^-^ )

I'm tagging Tanya, Shimumsy , Reich , KCee , Lizzie , and PinayMommy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Job Hunting

These past few days, aside from joggling work and family responsibilities, I have been helping my brother find a good job for himself. I've written an entry about his graduation here. For those who were not able to read it, my brother just graduated from college last April 16. He finished a four years course in Information Technology.

I have been giving him instructions and tips on what to do on or during interviews. He's attended job fairs but is unfortunate to fine one. I'm afraid he won't find a job any sooner. You see, my brother seems to have this inferiority complex. He doesn't go out that much by himself in our neighborhood. He doesn't really like talking to strangers or going to new places without somebody he knows. He doesn't talk much either. He doesn't like being asked too many questions and is afraid he might give the wrong answer. Generally, I think, he simply lacks self-confidence. That's why I have been trying to spend much of my days off work with him. So far, I have made sure that he's got a decent resumé, an online account for job hunting and lots of moral support to boost his confidence. I've contacted and introduced him to friends and people whi might also be of help to him.

I'll be doing more job hunts adn research online so I could help him better. Anyways, he would be a lot of help to the family if he finds a job. I just hope and pray it happens soon...

Friday, May 2, 2008

On Family and Responsibilities

How important is your family to you? How far can you go for them? What are you willing to sacrifice for their happiness?

Why am I asking these questions? Recently, I became, officially, the head of the family. YES, you read it right and NO, my parents aren't dead. For some reasons, my dad just can't work anymore and my mom, a plain loving housewife and a mother to us, is unemployed. My older brother, the eldest among four kids, lives now with his own family. So being next to him, needless to say, I have to take over all of the responsiblities. All by myself, alone...

It's not as if it's something new to me because since I was young, my mom has always and consistently reminded me of my duties and I have religiously tried to do everything to be called responsible. It's just that this is more pressure to me since they would be fully dependent to me now.

Two years ago, two weeks after graduation, I got my first job and started to help supporting my family's needs. In the beginning, I only gave a partial of my salary to my mom. But because of the increasing prices of our daily necessities, I felt like there was a need for me to give more. I started supporting my 2 younger brothers' college studies, from tuition fees, to allowances, and other to stuffs that needs to be paid concerning their schooling. I also was obliged to pay the electric bills and share extra money for the groceries because dad's income has decreased. In the long run, I gave almost all of my salary to mom leaving myself a partial of it for my allowance (money I could use till I receive my next pay).

People would say my family is lucky to have me, one responsible and good daughter and a sister...And this really makes me think... Hmmm.. They ought to build me a monument or a statue of some kind and reserve a day to pay respect to me.. LOL

Kidding aside, sometimes, I get sick and tired of all these yet I just can't give up. They need me and I just can't let them down. I love my family so much that I am willing to always go the extra mile for their happiness and wellness. Indeed it is a great responsibility, but to think, it is also one great priveledge to make other lives worth living and to show these people your gratitude for all the love that they give you. They are lucky to have me and I, as well, am is lucky to have them. They're of the highest priority to me, aside from God of course. Anything that concerns them, concerns me. I would do anything, even give up my own happiness, for them. Because to me, their happiness, their wellness, is mine, too...

I just pray God gives me more strenght to carry all these...

Get Me There

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Got Approved!

Whohooo! I can't really believe it! I am VERY happy!!! I REALLY am!

This morning at work, as I was checking through my new emails, a particular email caught my eyes.. Guess from where it was.. It's from PayPerPost and it said that my blog has been approved! Isn't that great? LOL... Well it is for me!

I originally intended my blog to be something just personal. A place where I can write and express my thoughts and opinions about things and events that concerns or interests me. But I have been thinking too that maybe I can turn this thing into something and earn extra cash from it.

I've been seeing PayPerPost icons and sign-up forms on a lot of blogs I check and view, in every blog network I go to. I'm quite new to blogging and although the name already says what it is for, I still got curious so got myself check on PayPerPost's website, read and learned more about the opportunities it offers to bloggers like me.It definitely is something I've been looking for. So I signed up, crossed my fingers (lol), and hoped that my application gets approved..

Nnow that my blog has been approved, I get to earn extra money for things I want to buy while still doing what I like.

International Linkages

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Im tagging Annz , Bloggerderski , Byotipol , Elaine , Genny , Jherson , and Jojo

Monday, April 28, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

KCee tagged me with this cool meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

Here goes:

1. I took up BS Mathematics back in college, did not fail a single math class and finished the course in four years. What's odd about it is that Math is my waterloo.

2. I always prefer wearing flats. My legs hurt when I use high-heeled shoes or sandals.. I love flats, sneakers, and rubber shoes. They're more comfortable and makes me feel always on-the-go!

3. I went to a Catholic school back in high school and wanted to be a nun... until I fell in love.. LOL

4. I am the second and only girl in a family of four children.

5. I love Ketchup!

6. I am very family-oriented. Anything that concerns my family is of the highest priority to me. Bondings and occasions with them are very important.. I just can't miss them!

7. I don't like talking in front of a crowd.. Thinking about it makes me really nervous!

8. I like staying simple especially with the clothes I wear. It never goes out of fashion! ;o)

I'm passing this to : Wena, Utah Mommy, Reich, Pinay Wife, Natz, Malen , Louraine and Jojo

Pinky Tag

I got this tag from Zhoe Wynz .. Thanks girl! :o)

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Im tagging :

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breakup and Learn

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New 7 Wonders of the World

Last Night I saw on the news that the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park better known as the Underground River located in Palawan is one of the so-may beautiful worl spots running to be decalared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The Philippines is undergoing through a lot of crisis. Hearing this on national television somehow makes a Filipino smile and feel proud about it (I myself am).

The Underground River in Palawan has already attracted so many tuorist around the globe and has helped promote our tourism. It's main attraction is, of course, the navigable underground river where you'll find stalactites and stalagmites and the limestone karst Mountain Landscape.

Another entry from our country is the Tubbataha Reef in Sulu Sea which has been previously declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is famous not only for its large marine sanctuary but is also a popular site for sports divers.

Currently, the Underground River and the Tubbataha Reef ranks number 128 and number 8 respectively. We should, as Filipinos, be proud of this. Let's support our entries. Let's vote for them.

I Am Grateful

Princess Vien Tagged me with this..

1. I am grateful that I was given the chance to exist, live and love.

2. I am grateful for having a wonderful family.

3. I am grateful for every blessings and graces God has showered me and my family.

4. I am grateful for the friends and loved ones I have and who treasure and love me in return.

5. I am grateful that I have a nice job and that I am able to blog here.. LOL

Start Copy

*In order to be able to achieve and maintain happiness we need to, actively, be able to do two things:

1. Complain and then let go (Dump the baggage, the roadblocks to happiness.)

2. Express Gratitude (The open expression of gratitude promotes happiness.)

After all, everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to take the challenge, please follow the appropriate link and do so: “Are You Grateful?“, “Complain Complain Complain.”

Contributors to “Are You Grateful?” & “Complain Complain Complain.“: 1-Attitude, the Ultimate Power 2-Max 3-DianaCA’s Metamorphoses 4-Mental Poo 5-My Thoughts 6-Baba Doodlius 7-Wake Up America 8-Life is a Roller Coaster 9-Life is Beautiful 10-pinay mommy’s love blog 11-My Happiness Haven 12-And Life Goes On for a Filipino Mom 13-Blessed Sanctuary 14-Expressions And Thoughts 15-Memories by Jenn 16-Reminiscence of My Adventures 17-In the Life of Mne 18-Juliana’s Lair 19-Pinay Wahm 20-Lucid Creativity 21-Winged Words 22-Irresistible Fascinations 23-A Little Time 24-See Me For What You Will 25-Greatest Reviews 26-ETC ATBP 27-Gandacious 28-We Are Family 29-Journey to this thing called LIFE 30- 31- 32-BaReFooTeD Me 33-Uncomplicated 34-Points of View 35-Pride & Prejudice 36-Colorful World 37-Nora’s Notes 38-A Daily Walk With Bill & Gina 39-Strange but True 40-Everything Under The Sun ( Beth Rebokon ) 41-Kaleidoscope 42-Fil-Oz Blog 43- 44-Comedy Plus 45-Blogging by Sandee 46-Soul Meets World 47-Mae’s Memoirs 48-Beyond the Rave Reality 49-Amori, poesie, arte, chat by Hanna 50-Attached at the Hip 51-Carver’s Sight or is that Site? 52-Empress Reviews 53-Simple Pleasures In My Heart 54-Lourdes’ mia 55-A Grateful Heart 56-Majorsleepyhead 57-Scrappy n Happy in Ohio 58-CHOC MINT GIRL 59-Extraordinary Things 60-ZOOROPAZOO 61-BeNolSatuEm 62-As The World Turns 63-Your Caring Angels 64-Life Is Wonderful To Know Everyday 65-Pea in a Pod 66-Little Peanut 67-Creative in Me 68- Sugarmagnolias 69-Me and Mine 70-Mommy Talks. Wife Stories. 71-Pink and Brown Diaries. 72-Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps. 73-Winding Creek Circle 74-Women Explore 75 - Princess Bela 76 - My Planet Purple 77 - Our Journey to Life 78 - Princess Vien 79- My Inner Thoughts Revealed 80-You

I'm passing this to Jhong , Elaine , KCee, Luoraine and Wena

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm # 835

Get listed at

Yes, my blog is listed number 835 at Million Blog List . I just recently joined this community with the tag "A blogosphere experiment ". It is a community experimenting or aiming to see how long it will take to list 1,000, 000 blogs in it's site. It's free and it's a way to promote your blog, too. So why not submit your site and join the blog's, well our, campaign... ? :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Are the Colors of Your Heart?

Your Heart is Blue and Green

Your heart is open and dynamic.

You are flexible, optimistic, and expressive.

You bring honesty and intimacy to relationships.

You're good at expressing your needs to your partner.

What I do...

What do you do when you're tired or exhausted? When you feel like the world is against you? When you feel like things are not always working out right?

Well, me? I cry. I pray. I write.

I cry. I cry as much as I can. I cry until either I fall asleep or until my tears run dry. It's my way of releasing the pain, the sadness, the worries and doubts, all that is negative. Crying somehow makes me feel relaxed and calm.

I pray. After releasing all the tensions I feel, I pray. I talk to God . I lift up my problems, myself, and everything to Him. I talk to Him and it makes my heart so much lighter. Talking to God gives my soul the peace that I need. A sort of calmness, serenity only God can give. I pray and asks Him to walk with me, walk me to the light.

And then I write. I write to express how I feel... How I felt... I write so I can remember... So I will remember that once in my life I came across the same kind of situation and that I was able to overcome it... So I will remember that I should be a lot stronger..

These are what I do... How 'bout you? :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Got this tag from Jhong:

Here are the rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. Copy-paste the traits for all the twelve months (see below).
3. Pick your month of birth.
4. Highlight the traits that apply to you.
5. Tag 12 people and let them know by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment for them.
6. Let the person who tagged you know when you've done it!


I think I am:

Has a lot of ideas.
Unique and brilliant.
Extraordinary ideas.
Sharp thinking.
Dynamic in personality.
Always thinking.
Less talkative but amiable.
Brave and generous.
If there is a will, there is a way.
Determined. Never give up.
Deep love and emotions.
High abilities.
Honest and keeps secrets.

And I am not:

Stubborn and hard-hearted.
Difficult to fathom.
Fine and strong clairvoyance.
Loves to be alone.
Thinks differently from others.
Does not appreciate praises.
Uncertain in relationships.
Not able to control emotions.

Passing this to bloggerderski , Vien , Arun , and Natz .. :)

The Twelve Months

JANUARY: Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very stubborn and money cautious.

FEBRUARY: Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizes dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

MARCH: Attractive personality ( Ehem) Sexy (Ehem) Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others.Revengeful - Mmm,Nah! Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners.Nah! Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody. BINGO!!! Most of these traits are true for me .

APRIL: Active and dynamic. Decisive and hasty but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people’s problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Emotional. Aggressive. Hasty. Good memory. Moving. Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. Sexy in a way that only their lover can see.

MAY: Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

JUNE: Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

JULY: Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

AUGUST: Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride in oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

SEPTEMBER: Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people’s mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.

OCTOBER: Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to take things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn’t pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children.

NOVEMBER: Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciate praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable.

DECEMBER: Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egotistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical.

I'm Back!

Hi guys! I'm back from a four days vacation.. And since I came back to work, I have been replying to messages, blog hopping, exchanging links, and dropping entrecards and leaving messages to online bloggers and friends non-stop.. Whoa! I missed a lot so I'm still trying to catch up on all of these. I'm hoping to finish these before the day ends..So pls, bear with me.. :o)


Jhong tagged me with this:

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Also, you must include that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.

Subscribe to the feed of the blog who tagged you. You may include subscribing to another blog of your choice from the list.

1. Kenneth - A Stellar Life2. filipinolifeabroad3. Tina4. Dabawenyang Iska5. Bestfriend’s blog6. PinayLoveStories7. Allen’s wifey8. allen’s darling9. allen’s sweetheart10. filipinolifeabroad11. Sweet temptation12. In the life of..Mine13. Mommy Joy of two14. Pinay Mommy Online15. Pinay Mommy’s DigiScrap16. Online Biz and Resources17. DeCaFFeiNaTeD18. BaReFooTeD Me19. Euroangel’s Complicated World20. Precious Diamond21. My Personal Journal22. My Euro Travel and Adventure23. My Daily Nourishment24. Euroangel Graffiti25. The World Wide Web Addict26. Simply The Best27. My Beautiful Life28. Mind Bubbles 29. My Precious 30. Princess Bela 31. Our Journey to Life 32. My Planet Purple 33. Something Purple 34. A Detour35. Alpha’s Blog36. Because Life Is Fun37. Mommy Talks and Wife Stories. 38. Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps. 39. Pink and Brown Diaries 40. Winding Creek Circle. 41. My Money Diet 42. Journey to Wellness. 43. Pinay Nars. 44. I am Dzoi 45. My Happy Place 46. To the Moon and Back 47. Jhong 48. Raine 49. Insert your blog
Im passing thid to byotipol , artsden and marc :o)

Friday, April 18, 2008

On Leave

I am currently in the province right now spending my four days off work with my family...Yes.. My application for a leave has been approved..And because of that, I was able to attend my brother's graduation rights.. I'll be posting about that in the following days, meanwhile, I'm trying to spend a quality time with the members of the family.. Well that means I wont be able to post, visit and reply to messages here.. But just keep them coming, I'll be returning messages, tags and drops when I come back to work on Sunday..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Your Birthdate: November 9

You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.

You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.

Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.

You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September

My Brother's Graduation

April 16 is my brother's graduation. Finally, after four years in college, he is now graduating with the BS IT degree. Though part of the ordinary, average students, I could never be so proud of him. I know he strived hard to finish his studies.

I am writing this because I was touched about what he said to me.. I was not supposed to attend his graduation. I did not file a leave of absence and I've no plans of going home to the province for it. What made me re-consider? It's what he said. Well, he just said that his graduation will not be as meaningful as it could be if i were home with them.

Whoa! Was I dreaming or did I really hear him say that? Imagine someone who is not expressive at all about how he feels just said that?! OMG! LOL

No seriously, I was deeply touched. I never thought he ever appreciated my funding and support on his studies and me as his older sister. He told me that he would be happier I could attend his graduation rights.. Oh my! Who could resists..? Right then and there, I filled out an application form for a two days leave.. I'm crossing my fingers hoping it gets approved..

To my brother, Jay, Congratulations! Cheers!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Love Personality Test

Take this test!
About 7% of the U.S. population shares the combination of traits that make up this love type.

Being an ISTJ means that you are one cool customer. Although few would describe you as being warm, cuddly, or sentimental, many people likely see you as an important source of support in their lives. That's because when things are chaotic or falling apart, you're the type of person who can be virtually unflappable. ISTJs like you are known for being talented problem solvers. When it comes to your relationships, you usually know how to speak up for yourself so that others know what you want. But that doesn't mean you're rigid or inflexible. In fact, you're quite willing to bend for the right person. They just need to make their case honestly.

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