Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Salary Woes

It really is frustrating when you do your work very well and you dont get paid right for it. You always come an hour earlier than your scheduled shift to make sure you are able to check documents and new processess for review. You are never absent at work. You try to file Leave of Absense a month before it. You follow company policies and prcedures strictly. These are never appreciated yet I don't say anything about it because this is how dedicated I am with work but to not get paid correctly??! And for this to happen not just once and when you need the money the most??! This is too much! Just too much!

I don't expect the company, or the management, or the bosses to appreciate what I do. I don't expect any compliments or rewards from all my efforts because I know that this is my job and this in necessary. What I only ask is for me to receive the salary pay that I deserve, that I signed for, that I worked for.

I felt so upset early this morning when I arrived in the office. I received an email about employees' salary disputes being processed (updates). I was expecting to see my name on the list of those who filed disputes but to my dismay, my name was not in it. It really feels bad because I need the money for my brother's college tuition fee. Now I would have to find other ways to have money for this enrollment.

Another test from God...


Poison Thoughts said...

Same experience...but what can we do cause we as a cust care we somehow have to care for ourselves as well...

sasha said...

I can relate to what you are going through. That is basically the reason why I chose to work at home. Everything now depends on me. If I work hard, I earn enough. If I slack, well, no income. Unlike working for the big companies where my concern seems to be a petty thing to the big bosses.

I hope everything will turn out fine for you.

jodie said...

Hi ,

I have experienced many of the things in my job that you have. I found a tapping technique that helped me cope with many of the issues. It's called EFT. You can learn it for free at www.emofree.com. Basically you tap on certain acupuncture points while feeling the negative emotions you have about whatever. I have found it extraordinarily useful and have been tapping for a number of years on anger, fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, sadness, grief, proscactination, overeating, cravings, etc.
Good luck to you!

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