Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog No More??!!

I know, I know.. I have not blogged for days.. I have not been writing things with sense.. or things that might update you on how I am doing now...There are two reasons behind this. The first, and most impotant is, they have blocked in the office where I blog most of the time (I usually do it during lunch and break times). The IT dept also blocked many blogging-related sites that I always visit and this pisses not only me but other bloggers in the office.. Grrrr.. We can't really blame them, though. They're just doing their jobs. The second reason is I always go home to Pampanga on my days off. We don't have internet access at home since we dont really need it there and I dont go to internet cafes that much when I'm there because I want to spend my time with the family.

Those two are the major reasons why I have not been blogging, visiting sites, and dropping entrecards.. The minor reasons are proxies where also blocked and our access to other computer programs were also restricted.. This is really sad.. My officemates are not happy about this, too. They joke and say that one of these days, we might just all be resigning because we simply are bored.. Because there are no more movies to watch.. No more online streaming.. No more online games.. No more blogging.. No more network societies..No more internet access.. LOL

I will still be blogging, though.. I'm sure my techi officemates will still come up with work-arounds, as always (harhar)... And I, too, will find one.. LOL... :D


sulyap said...

Hehehe, that's very sad...

Bhavani said...

That is not sad at all! Like how you said, the IT dept is doing their job. But hey you guys gotta prove them that you all are talented. I would suggest you to try some proxy sites and enter Blogger via those procy sites.
Good luck :)

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