Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Extra Cash


Bhavani Kannan said...

What is this Extra Cash post all about? I am sorry but I just could not understand the concept behind it, Raine! :/

Raine said...

This Extra Cash post is a survey, or shall I say, a Conversation (as what they call it now) from Dneero. You answer the questions by giving your honest opinion about the given issue. Dneero will pay you for answering and posting it. ;)

Bhavani Kannan said...

They pay for just answering them? Lol Raine, It is Cool! I guess I have seen something like this before and they call it as "Get paid for Surveys". Good one :)

Josh of Arabia said...

hi. binabati kita sa iyong nominasyon sa patimpalak..


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