Saturday, May 10, 2008


Im sick. I hate it. And I hate it more because it's flu. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I sneeze all the time, I feel feverish, my eyes are drowsy and I've got a running nose.. Oh! I just hate it!

Ever since I was a kid. I have always hated being sick. I have asthma and eveytime it attacks me, they always had to bring me to the hospital. They would give me medicines and inhalers. Doctors would tell my mom not to feed me with these foods, not to let me do these and that, not to let me go here and there.. Arrgg! It just felt all insane as a kid.. How was I suppose to enjoy my childhood? How was I suppose to feel about it?

Later on, I understood that it was all for me, too. It was for my own health. If getting sick did something good to me, that's taking good care of myself. I hate being sick. I hate being a prisoner of your own body, not being able to do the things that you want to do.

Now that I'm working and have greater responsibilities in life, I hate getting sick even more. Loosing a day at work means loosing a day's income, and that I can't afford.

Good thing is, it's my off. I have two days more to get well... Haaayys... I hope I get better by Sunday..


Bhavani said...

Awww Bless you, baby Raine LOL It is just a flu honey. Do not stress your mind much about it. Running nose and sequential sneezes are horrible I understand but it is not that worse to feel this much worried about. You gonna be alright. Just take your medicines at times :)

Jojo said...

Are you still sick? Hope you are better na.

I voted for you. Nakkss... Mananalo ka na yata. :)))

Take care.

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