Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was reading the newspaper earlier when this particular article caught my eyes:


Yes, you read it right, happiliest NOT happiest. What's 'happiliest'?, I asked myself. I really got intrigued so I opened the entertainment section and read through the rest of the article.It was about the interview with Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz's leading man in the film "What happens in Vegas".
Ashton tells the press how happy he is as a married man. He said he never really thought he would ever get married. He further said that he saw his parents go throught divorce and thought, "this is not something that anybody shoud do. Why put a legal document on top of a
good relationship?".

The article also said that when Ashton started going out with Demi Moore in 2003, Holywood watchers believed that their relationship will not last long because of their 15 years age gap. But to the surprise of all, they got married in 2005, by all accounts, happy with each other.

What was really touching about the interview was the part when Ashton said,

"I knew she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I am the HAPPILIEST--I think I just invented that word--married guy on the planet."

Isn't that sweet? Knowing that your partner feels that way seems very romantic.. And to hear him say that on national television and see it printed on international newspapers and mags? It's like him letting the whole world know that you are a dream come true to him, that because of you, he will be happy the rest of his life...

Ashton said that he got his ideas about marriage from Rabbi Yehuda Berg in Babblah Centre in Los Angeles where he and Demi and other holywood celebrities are studying.

While men treats sex as an apex of a relationship and women are focused on marriage, "everybody is missing what happens afters that," he said.

"It's like if you got hired at a new job and you shwed up and didn't wok, you'd probably get fired pretty quickly," Ashton said. "Once they get married, people think , 'all right, the work is done', when really, you just got the job..." -- a very good point, right?


From the Eyes of my Heart said...

also thought the demi-ashton won't last. wow! he actually sounds like a mature and nice person. never imagined he'd be like that. i dunno, maybe because i know him as this dumb guy in that 70's show- kelso. i know he's just playing a part but after a while it kinda sticks to u unconsciously hahaha

mnel said...

isn't it good to be in love? ^_^

Bhavani said...

Aww this is damn cute of a guy to say. There is nothing worthy enough in this world for a woman than hearing her BF/hubby saying she is making him happy and she means everything to him! I am not yet married but I so wish I get such a good hubby though. Oh, who does not wish! Lol

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