Monday, April 21, 2008

What I do...

What do you do when you're tired or exhausted? When you feel like the world is against you? When you feel like things are not always working out right?

Well, me? I cry. I pray. I write.

I cry. I cry as much as I can. I cry until either I fall asleep or until my tears run dry. It's my way of releasing the pain, the sadness, the worries and doubts, all that is negative. Crying somehow makes me feel relaxed and calm.

I pray. After releasing all the tensions I feel, I pray. I talk to God . I lift up my problems, myself, and everything to Him. I talk to Him and it makes my heart so much lighter. Talking to God gives my soul the peace that I need. A sort of calmness, serenity only God can give. I pray and asks Him to walk with me, walk me to the light.

And then I write. I write to express how I feel... How I felt... I write so I can remember... So I will remember that once in my life I came across the same kind of situation and that I was able to overcome it... So I will remember that I should be a lot stronger..

These are what I do... How 'bout you? :)


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