Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Brother's Graduation

April 16 is my brother's graduation. Finally, after four years in college, he is now graduating with the BS IT degree. Though part of the ordinary, average students, I could never be so proud of him. I know he strived hard to finish his studies.

I am writing this because I was touched about what he said to me.. I was not supposed to attend his graduation. I did not file a leave of absence and I've no plans of going home to the province for it. What made me re-consider? It's what he said. Well, he just said that his graduation will not be as meaningful as it could be if i were home with them.

Whoa! Was I dreaming or did I really hear him say that? Imagine someone who is not expressive at all about how he feels just said that?! OMG! LOL

No seriously, I was deeply touched. I never thought he ever appreciated my funding and support on his studies and me as his older sister. He told me that he would be happier I could attend his graduation rights.. Oh my! Who could resists..? Right then and there, I filled out an application form for a two days leave.. I'm crossing my fingers hoping it gets approved..

To my brother, Jay, Congratulations! Cheers!


Word Smith said...

very nice and touching...;-)

iriegal said...

Congratulations to your brother

JoLynn Braley said...

That's very sweet, I hope that your application does get approved so that you can be there for your brother and see him graduate. :)

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