Friday, April 4, 2008


Ahhh... With the temperature rising and the sweat you feel all over you're body (even after bathing), there is no denying that it is indeed summer now...

I cant remember the last time I had a very exciting summer vacation. Though I have been looking forward to doing something every summer, I never had the time to realize them... Yes.. They're all ion my dreams and in my dreams alone...

I always don't have the time (initiative, others tell me..LOL) and enough resources to spend a luxurious, or at least, a nice summer stuff with my family or friends somewhere I want. In college, there was always something that I had to do even after the school year ends. And it's even worse now that I'm working. Everybody in the office seems to be so excited about going to beaches and somewhere else (where the temperature is cooler) that they have already filed days of leave ahead of time, which means, the leave calendar is already full, AND which also means I can't file a leave for myself anymore... What a sad thing!

Anyways, I'm still dreaming of spending a week or two (which by the way is not possible since we are only allowed to have a 5-day straight scheduled absence) in a beach with my family or friends. I Want it to be where they offer white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean water, nice food and fun activities you can do all day and night or until you run out of energy.

I hope this comes true before summer ends. Besides, it's not as if I'm asking for a very extravagant vacation. Just a simple, relaxing summer stuff is what I want. 'Hope somebody out there listens...or should I say, reads this...LOL


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