Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rice on the Rise

It has been a consistent part of the everyday news on TV, has been occupying newspapers' headlines and has become the number one topic on group conversations. Rice on the rise! Yes, that's right. Every Filipino's favorite part of the meal is becoming more popular because of it's decreasing supply and increasing price in the market.

According to news, the Department of Agriculture, together with other government agencies, have been discussing this issue thoroughly to come up with a resolution. They said they are allocating billions of Pesos for farmers, fertilizers, irrigation, and other agricultural infrastructures and facilities and are trying to find more ways to alleviate the damages that this has done to our country in general.

So why am I writing this?

Because like every ordinary Filipinos, I and my family are being affected. I have to work on my budget again because of the sudden and continuous increase in price, not only of rice, but also of other everyday commodities. Right now, I'm even thinking of resorting to cheaper rice substitution, like camote.. But then again, maybe not.. LOL

I hope the government finds a way to resolve this as soon as possible.. haaayyyy..

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auts11 said...

I can't live without rice!

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